10-year Reflection

Even though the 10-year mark was in March, I wanted to wait till after the party before reflecting on this milestone. I’ve never been one to reflect, I’ve always just focused on pushing forward, but maybe now is a good time to start! 

I was taken off guard at the party to make a speech and, after sheer panic, only got a few sentences out, even though I had a lot more to say.

So here we go…

When I first took over the gym it was nothing like it is now and it’s been great to see how much the gym has grown over the past 10 years. It was very bare, rough around the edges, and not the most welcoming environment, with hardly any female members. I knew this place had to change.

I’ve always wanted Gym66 to be welcoming to anyone and everyone, no matter their fitness ability, age or gender. I can confidently and proudly say I have achieved this.

Now on to a few people I have to thank.

Firstly, none of this would have been possible without my Dad, who gave me the opportunity to take this on. For the first few years, he probably thought, what have I done? But as I’ve grown up I hope he can see how passionate and dedicated I am to making Gym66 the best it can be.

Amy – my sister. My partner in crime for 32 and a bit years. The dumb to my dumber, the pain to my panic (Hercules reference), the thing 1 to my thing 2… the list goes on. The OGs amongst you will remember Amy working here at the start of Gym66. So, thank you for getting the business moving and being there for me all through my life.  

Tommy Rutter – This guy probably wouldn’t think he’d be on the list, but unknown to him, he’s played a massive role in my development as a coach. He was someone to look up to (or down 😉 ) as he has a lot of knowledge in the fitness game. I have a lot of respect for him as he practices what he preaches and has done since I’ve known him. Cheers, Tommy.

Lydia – how this lady puts up with me, I don’t know. She has to take 99% of the brunt of my shit chat/gym chat 24/7. She has been my rock for 6 years and is very understanding of how I work on the business. Without her by my side, I don’t think I would have been able to grow Gym66 to what it is today. Thank you & love you.

My staff – I know what I can be like and have high standards across the board, so I apologise for constantly nagging. It comes from a place of wanting you guys to be at the top of your game.

Jack, although you’ve been here for a short time, you have been brilliant. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far.

James, watching you develop as a coach over the years has been great to see. Sticking with me through covid and getting Gym66 back on track, I have a lot to thank you for. You are an integral part of Gym66. 

Lastly, to all members, past and present. I truly believe that this place isn’t what it is without you. The amount of Google reviews we’ve had that state how welcoming and friendly you are is amazing and a testament to the quality of you all. You guys have made this place special. Thank you.

What’s next for Gym66 – more of the same! We will continue to help people fall back in love with fitness, show people how to enjoy training and get big results on the way!

In the words of McFadden & Whitehead – “ain’t no stopping us now”

Here’s to the next 10.