Open Gym

Our open gym membership gives you access to the gym’s facilities during open hours. Check below to see our list of equipment!

*The 30 Day Trial does not apply to open gym use*

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Why might an open gym membership be best for you?


Train at a time that suits you.


If you're confident in the gym or are following your own training Programmeme you can turn up & get stuck in.

No contracts

None of our memberships ask you to commit to a minimum term contract, you can pay a monthly direct debit or month to month.

Specialised Kit

Unlike many open gyms, we have a whole host of kit at your disposal, from powerlifting & weightlifting plates/barbells to conditioning machines like SkiErgs and Echo bikes.

Free Weights & Machines

24 Squat racks
Dumbbells up to 70KG
Kettlebells up to 48kg
2 Functional training rigs
2 cable machines
Lat pull down machine
Cable seated row
Leg press, Leg extension, Hamstring curl and Calf raise machines
2 x Glute-Ham developer
Reverse Hyper

Olympic & Powerlifting

6x Werksan Olympic weightlifting sets
7 full weightlifting platforms
1x Jerk Blocks
Eleiko powerlifting plates
2x Competition benches

Cardio Equipment

5x Concept 2 rower
2x Watt Bike Pro
4x Rogue Echo Bike
2x Concept 2 Bike Erg
3x Concept 2 Ski Erg
Assault Runner

Astroturf Track

Battle Ropes
Slam Balls

Join Now!

If you want to make use of our open gym and sign up, click the link below.